Weekly Update

First of I couldn’t think of an image to use for a weekly update about things, so went with this one if you have ideas or would like to make one for me, please let me know and I’ll make sure you get something worthwhile out of it.

The weekly or mid weekly update has been on my mind even before installing this blog with how I would present news and updates.  While I may not do an update every single week I wanted a post that shows a general all round update on things if I don’t have enough stuff for its own post.

The last update was testing the waters for this format, as well as being a frustrations post for the last couple weeks, so didn’t want to use the same image as I’ll assign that image to general frustration updates and the first featured image I used, I’ll assign to long rants on things to do with communication and likewise for dedicated health posts, I will use the heart image.

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General updates on recent things

Firstly hello to anyone coming in from my social media links which I hardly use but would like to use more, I linked this blog to my social media sites I use, so feel free to stay around pull up a chair or whatever you prefer and give comments and feedback as you wish.

The last week I have avoided posting updates due to ongoing and pending things with sellers in regards to purchases etc and outside that I had nothing to really post about, so this is just an update on what’s going on, unfortunately as some stuff is still going on and due to liability, I will only be touching on certain things at this time without fully going into details.

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My current health

So todays post is about my current health, which hasn’t been too good recently and currently I’m in the middle of seeing doctors and figuring out what the cause is.

For years since I first noticed back in 2004 I have had major allergies to dust mites, pollens etc to the point I was taking unpaid leave when doing my Business 2 Traineeship with the West Australian Police Department, where I was working as a general public servant in the Headquarters and Vehicle Management Branch, Interview Video Processing etc.

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New Blog, About me Page, my first rant, its soo hard to find a phone seller that communicates

Welcome to my self hosted blog on my home server, I go by a few names , Mark, drguild, Revenger,

If you have seen me around online don’t feel threatened, I’m just an ordinary but quiet and really emotional guy.

I won’t hurt you at all *promise* I respect everyone and everything, though I do get annoyed and want to just rant about how I feel, which is why this blog is here.

I have a basic About Me page up under ‘PAGES’ and you can Contact Me if you want to.

The site is pretty empty and void of any images etc and I hope that will change at one day so drop me a line and let me know how I can spruce up the site abit.

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