About Me


Recent photo of me, July 2014
Recent photo of me, July 2014
Anime version of me drawn at Supernova Perth July 2014
Anime version of me drawn at Supernova Perth July 2014

I’m mainly just an average guy going through a hard life.

I always have a lot on my mind from everything and somehow want to share the thoughts I have with the world, whether there read or not doesn’t matter too much, it’s a way for me to get out how I feel inside, in which I have been screaming and crying out inside to do for years.


I don’t really have anyone to share my thoughts with in the real world as I’m a very quiet person at times and keep a lot inside, so this way gives me a chance to share my thoughts  in my own time without direct expectations and responses from others. Also generally I feel that no-one listens or cares anyway.


So in summary about me (I’ll improve this later) I like I.T stuff, Anime, Japanese stuff.

I always have to listen to Vocal Trance or Vocal Chillout on Digitally Imported, I can’t go without music I love the stuff its soo emotional and nice.


I also love playing Games whether they are on PC/Xbox360/DS/PSP.

I mainly play my Xbox nowadays and I am an avid JRPG fan having played in the past a few Final Fantasy’s from 10 onwards, Ys 7/Origin, Legend of Heroes, Infinite Undiscovery A bit of Persona 3/4 and Dot Hack, some of these I still need to complete and start fresh again.

I am looking forward to going through the full Ys series, Eventually playing for proper Chrono Cross and Legend of Mana.

I have the fan translation of Final Fantasy Type-O, I heard that Square will eventually bring it out for Vita/PS4 etc but not for the original PSP platform and won’t be for a while.


I guess you can say my hobbies at the moment are sleeping, eating and using this pc and working on stuff for web hosting and my home server which I’ll be blogging about a bit or something similar or sitting in front of my Xbox.


I don’t go out at all due to severe Social Anxiety and lack of friends and knowing people who have time for me and aren’t kinda selfish, and as such I cannot work due to the emotional toll, anxiety and depression its put on me, in which I’m not really active on any social networks.


I have been asked to use Facebook etc and did in the past but due to fallout’s with knowing people and stuff I was seeing, I stopped using it.  I have vowed and that I do want to go back on Facebook at some stage but only if my life gets to a social stage where I know people and going out and that it is beneficial for me.


If you have read this and plan to stick around a little I congratulate you for having the willpower to do so.


So enjoy the blog or not and let me know by a direct contact in the menu or a reply to post your thoughts.