New Blog, About me Page, my first rant, its soo hard to find a phone seller that communicates

Welcome to my self hosted blog on my home server, I go by a few names , Mark, drguild, Revenger,

If you have seen me around online don’t feel threatened, I’m just an ordinary but quiet and really emotional guy.

I won’t hurt you at all *promise* I respect everyone and everything, though I do get annoyed and want to just rant about how I feel, which is why this blog is here.

I have a basic About Me page up under ‘PAGES’ and you can Contact Me if you want to.

The site is pretty empty and void of any images etc and I hope that will change at one day so drop me a line and let me know how I can spruce up the site abit.

Now onto my first rant, why is it soo hard to communicate with sellers to buy a mobile phone and find a Dual Sim, Dual Active phone at that.

The last 6-12 months I had been casually searching for a replacement Dual Sim, Dual Active phone as my current phone is crap, bogged down, bad screen in sun, dodgy headphone socket, dodgy battery etc, for one that is up there running the latest android with reasonable specs and can keep growing with me, without much luck as 90% of all new Dual Sim phones are actually Dual Standby, ‘which means only one sim can be in use at any single time’, (I’m looking at you Samsung and HTC), which would have been my top choices on phones if they were actually Dual Active, ‘where both sims can be in use simultaneously’, not just called a ‘Dual Sim Active’ phone, which is a little misleading to consumers which I think represents ‘active lifestyle’, as well most phones that are Dual Active have lower hardware specs and a couple of years behind flagship phones, like the Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5 ,and HTC One M8.

As I do a lot of listening to Vocal Trance At Digitally Imported (take a listen), when out and about, as well as reading email, checking the weather radar, public transport, google maps etc, I need the ability to use 3G on one sim while being able to receive important texts and calls on the other sim, if I ever get any, at the same time, As I hardly use my call data as I have no-one to communicate with and no-one hardly calls or sends texts.  As it is you cannot get good data 3g caps and long Voice/SMS (six month cap) on a single sim card, Yes OPTUS I’m looking straight at you with your 6 month ‘Now and Then’ voice/sms plan (which is good value for a long cap and rolls unused over but poor rates as its more expensive per minute/sms than on their other 3),  but then on the data side they charge as default $1 a mb, though you can get add-on data separately but only for 30 days 2gb of data for $20, though at 1mb blocks, 700kb is rounded up to 1mb for example, other companies, Virgin for example charge as proper 1kb blocks, when OPTUS is 1mb, with no rollover even if you recharge the data.  I really need flexible long rollover caps I cannot get on a single sims so that’s why I run Dual Sim.

Also on dedicated 3g sims, various data topups give you flexible year-long 12gb caps and most plans have data rollover, meaning I can use the data whenever I want throughout the year, without having to keep topping up or losing the data allowance I don’t use, if I have a few light months where I may only use say 500mb each month, which on single sim top up I would lose 500mb on a 1gb $10 data topup (minimum about I think) every month.  Which dedicated long caps are perfect for me, as I have lightish months then occasionally a more usage heavy month with going out shopping or out to various things.

Huawei Ascend P7 Dual Sim
Huawei Ascend P7 Dual Sim

So Eventually I came across the Huawei Ascend P7 Dual Sim phone reading around and looked it up on GSM Arena, specs look very nice and current which is a nice change from dual sims in the past, even if not 100% up there with the most expensive top end phones like the M8 and S5. Upon reading and searching online, I found that this phone could be confirmed Dual Active via this YouTube video where someone calls the phone while the phone is already on a call.

I thought cool, just what I want, but it was the only place saying it was Dual Active so was partially skeptical

So I searched around for who sells it and found a few places as it was pretty hard to find places selling this phone, there is only a few of them, and no-one at the time until the end I found was listed in Australia, I’m going to be naming and shaming here as customer service is an utmost importance and I have a certificate 1 and 2 in business, Also for reference a certificate 3 in Information Technology, when I did do things with companies, proper communication was screamed into me by managers and staff, that some of these representatives wouldn’t be allowed to get away with.

As unfortunately I want to share my experience here so others know what they are dealing with.  Relevant companies and sellers can contact me if they wish to discuss the matters in this blog and if they agree to improve their customer service standards, I will amend this blog post to reflect that.

So I decided to ask some questions to confirm it was Dual Sim, Dual Active and how they handle warranty in Australia.

As here In Australia it is illegal for consumers to send devices containing Lithium Batteries via the postal service unless it is to a destination to inside the country via road post and the package is labeled as ‘Dangerous Goods’, basically this means I am not allowed to try to return the phone or any device with a lithium battery installed back under warranty unless the company has made alternative postal arrangements to get around this, which I was trying to find out.

As I have had issues with this in the past, which I think is a stupid but also very warranted postal law due to the dangers of lithium fires aboard Aircraft (yet people can take mobile phones, tablets and mp3 players into the aircraft cabins, but cabins are pressurised compared to the cargo hold), when I bought a Cube U30GT-H Android Tablet, the seller told me to not tell the post office what I was sending and mark the package as a book when sending it back, also if one place refused to send it, to try another post office untill one would accept it.  I still have that tablet and have been trying to manually repair it out of interest the last 2 years but have been slack contacting someone we kinda know that has the equipment for SMD work (Surface Mount Devices, those little microchips on circuit boards with up to 100+ pins etc), Also I own a Google Nexus 10 now and love it to bits.  Well anyway ….

First Place I contacted was Merimobiles and got no response at all that was about two weeks ago.

Second place was the one in the video Etotalk I contacted their sales department first and got no response then contacted them via the phones leave a message page asking why I haven’t heard from them and got this back.

Below is going to be a string of email exchanges between companies and excuse my bad spelling and grammar at times, typing up quick replies back to people, all I can say to some of them is ‘Damn Autocorrect

Note the typo ‘quesstion’ instead of question is on their end.

Your quesstion:
I sent an email asking about this product and some questions about quality
of it etc, on the 9/7/2014 using the email address on this message and I
haven’t heard anything back.

I am really interested in getting one of these phones and want to know how
good you guys are responding to customers and there enquiries. But first
impression hasn’t been that good in this regard.

Our reply:
We have sold more this phone, the feedback from the customers are good.
This phone is with good quality

I thought no worries I’ll send another email to their sales department and see what happens and got no response.

So I kept looking and emailed Huawei Australia direct on there Australian Mobile website trying to find info about the phone and warranty and this next seller if they really were official, they didn’t even respond back to me on both occasions I tried to contact them.

So I found this site Huawei Mobile Shop which claim to be the official company outlet. is official retail shop of Huawei Mobile, you can buy original Huawei Mobile smartphones: Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G, Huawei Ascend P6,Huawei Ascend D2,Huawei Ascend P2,Huawei Ascend Mate,Huawei Ascend G740,Huawei Ascend G700and their original accessories.

So I thought if this is the official company then I would be able to get some answers and good communication and support, so I sent them an email asking, if they were the official company, about the Australian Law with warranty, and just generally about the phone quality.

What I received back is what I consider a less than adequate response from their official customer service agent called Lily who did not seem coherent to my questions with understanding or properly answering these questions but instead just responded with vague generic and broken replies that even I had trouble understanding.  If Huawei is reading this as I will be sending a copy of this to Lily and to Huawei Direct if they want, as someone really should to look into customer service standards and training.

My first question to them I don’t have as I used their web form but the response I got was very basic but the question was about if they were the official outlet, warranty and quality of the phone and if it was really Dual Active.

Thank you for your mail .

We will have fully test before we send,all our huawei device come with 12 months warranty,any question please tell us.

Have a nice day !

Best regards
Customer Service Support Center
Any question if you have, please feel free to contact us again.

So I replied hoping she just misread my post.

Sure all devices come with warranty, but for me and everyone else in Australia, the warranty isn’t applicable and therefore nullified by default if the ‘laws’ in my country state I cannot return the device to outside of Australia.

This is why I asked if you are really the Huawei company and do honer a local point of return back to Huawei Australia.

Please see this from a consumers perfect as you are a consumer yourself if you purchase something overseas but the law state that you cannot return it overseas and only locally if you have a issue.

This is exactly what all Australians are dealing with when purchasing any product containing a lithium battery inside it.

This is where it got interesting I didn’t think I got a relevant answer to questions I asked, but instead a response how they haven’t released the warranty conditions for customers, which if so is strange when the phone had been out a month already.  The response still did not answer my questions about the Australian postal law.

Dear Mark ,

Thank you for your mail .

We will release the factory warranty on our website soon .

Have a nice day !

Best regards
Customer Service Support Center
Any question if you have, please feel free to contact us again.

So I messaged her back as I asked about local warranty conditions with Huawei Australia, I was half wondering if she was have a bit of a joke with understanding me, so I asked again.

I don’t know if were on the same page here.

All I wanted to know is if you are actually part of the Huawei company there was a local point of return inside Australia for warranty via Huawei Australia due to laws that state that lithium batteries in devices cannot be sent by consumers outside of Australia.

If this is able to be done with a local point of return for me in-case of any issues, I have the money right now in my bank account to purchase the product without asking any more questions.

This reply from Lilly takes the cake, which seems completely unrelated answer on something everyone would obviously know about as most sellers nowadays ship direct from manufacturer known as drop shipping.

Re-reading this was she trying to tell me ‘We are the official huawei online store’ but due to lack of understanding of the English language couldn’t type it out properly?

Dear Mark ,

Thank you for your mail .

We will huawei online store and all our items are directly from huawei factory .

Have a nice day !

Best regards
Customer Service Support Center
Any question if you have, please feel free to contact us again.

At which point I searched for another store and found one that does communicate and bought the phone from them, I will post next but Lily’s misinterpreted emails didn’t stop there. I also emailed another seller elsewhere with no response back at this time.

I messaged Lilly back saying I found another store and bought from them as she was very unhelpful with communicating with me and went into detail about my question and what I expected with a customer service response back to me.

Unfortunately you couldn’t address my questions about the Australian Law regarding our postal laws of lithium batteries not allowed to be sent overseas by consumers and how warrenty would work when I cannot under Australian law return the phone overseas.

Instead I got messages stating that the phone was with warranty and direct from factory which I already knew about and did not ask those questions.

I have found a seller that has answered my questions plainly and simply without misinterpreting them and have bought from them.

And I quote from that sellers response back to me you could learn from, note the point in bold they are aware of our countries laws.

For your information, we do have a set procedure should there be an issue with the phone, whereby our technical team would provide the necessary support. Should there be a hardware failure, a warranty would be required and we would issue you with an online prepaid shipping label for you to return the phone to us. We will then deal with the manufacturer on the warranty claim. We are aware of the aviation rules on lithium batteries but are able to have a workaround on this, should it come to that.

Our counties laws state:

Lithium batteries are often in devices like watches, clocks, mobile phones and MP3 players. All lithium batteries are now classified as dangerous goods. They can’t be carried by air.

Australia Post can’t accept lithium batteries or devices containing them for mailing overseas or for domestic air carriage. These can only be transported within Australia by road transport.

Note where it says cannot be carried by air, meaning under law I cannot and fill be fined or prosecuted if I send the phone back overseas under warranty.

Unfortunately I gave you a chance asking a simple question of how would you deal with warranty when it is illegal for me to send the phone back under warranty due to battery law and you answered with responses unrelated to my question.

I was prepared to buy from you instantly if you could have understood me and within simple proper English understood and answered my questions with regard to the Australian Law.

Fry gets annoyed people won't answer him properly when he really wants to buy the product he wanted to 2 weeks later
Fry gets annoyed

As stated I was prepared to lay my money down right then and there if she could have understood what I was saying and responded directly and quickly to every question in proper English as well as everyone I previously contacted about the phone.

I was starting to feel like Fry of Futurama but instead of just ‘Shut up and take my money’ more like ‘If you can understand me, answer my questions properly, then just shut up and take my money right now’

But no Lilly’s misunderstanding me didn’t stop when I said I bought from another company.  She had the nerve to ask me for my order number thinking I had bought from them and she satisfied my questions and ignored everything else I sent in the quote above.

Dear Mark ,

Thank you for your mail .

Could you kindly tell us your order number firstly ?

Have a nice day !

Best regards
Customer Service Support Center
Any question if you have, please feel free to contact us again.

I thought wow she really doesn’t understand English too well and shouldn’t really be working as a customer service agent for English-speaking customers, I almost started using Google to translate into Chinese as I felt very bad and sorry for her having to do this job when she doesn’t seem to understand English too well. I also felt a little like that line from Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction where he is asking the guy if he understands English, or South Parks City Wok vs City Sushi, I’ll let you Google those ones up.

So I sent back a very simple email stating that she could not help me or understand me and I bought elsewhere.

Wow just wow you do not seem to understand what I’m saying here.

I have bought the phone from a completely different store and seller as you do not understand anything with what im saying.

That is all.

I also sent back an email stating and giving what she asked for my order number from the other seller and will link her to this blog.

As for the email from the seller I did end up purchasing from, I was initially skeptical due to his low feedback score and the fact his profile location was set to Malaysia and phone was located in Victoria, so I sent a message out of interest anyway just to see, as communication couldn’t be as bad as other places.

Dear cellsix,

I’ll get right to the points, I’ve spent 2 weeks trying to find this phone and somewhere that will sell it.

Is this true dual sim, dual active? can I use one sim 3g streaming music and other send sms’s etc at the same time?

What about google play etc.

What’s the warranty especially with Huawei Australia? with Australia Post Lithium batteries law and it seems no-one yet sells from inside Australia on this phone (you’re first I’ve seen) will I get local warranty?
I have had issues a year ago when I bought a tablet overseas online and was refused by all postal service to return it when it died within a week.

White or black what looks better? I’m thinking white, but black looks nice if the back really is that blue glow, I believe to be a concept render effect from what I have seen of actual photos.

I’m a little curious your low feedback score but prepared to give you a chance.

If you can satisfy my questions I will instantly buy this phone from you.

His response back to me was right to the point even called me Mate which is the common greeting here in Australia and was very open and coherent in his responses.

Hi mate,

Thanks for the enquiry.

The phone does come with dual SIM dual active, which means both SIM cards are active and able to be used simultaneously. This is as opposed to many other phones which have dual SIM dual standby of which whilst it supports dual SIM, when one SIM is used, the other SIM goes on standby and not usable.

Google Play is installed by our technicians.

For your information, we do have a set procedure should there be an issue with the phone, whereby our technical team would provide the necessary support. Should there be a hardware failure, a warranty would be required and we would issue you with an online prepaid shipping label for you to return the phone to us. We will then deal with the manufacturer on the warranty claim. We are aware of the aviation rules on lithium batteries but are able to have a workaround on this, should it come to that.

Tablets are tricky but our experience with Huawei phones thus far, have been good.

Colours wise, well, it’s really a matter of personal preference, mate. Personally, I prefer the black colour version (which has the blue glow effect) though.

As for the feedback, well, can’t run from the fact that we are new to eBay but hey, everyone’ got to start from somewhere 😉


I was in shock at his response soo clear and to the point. Why can’t more sellers communicate like Dan here? Why is soo hard to ask simple questions and contact companies for buying a mobile phone?

I instantly bought the phone from him while laying in bed 10 mins after waking up and was quickly reading emails before going back to bed for another 2 more hours.

I told dan about what had happened and 2 weeks of trying to communicate with various people to buy the phone and I got back.

Hi Mark,

Thanks mate, you’ve just made my day 🙂


Hats off so far to Dan with his communication and understanding of our Postal Aviation Laws.

Let this be a lesson to all companies out there do not skimp on communication, if you have no-one that understands english properly to read and reply to questions then please employ someone who can, as I would have bought this phone from any of the prior companies if they could communicate properly and assure me about warranty in my country and concerns and yes in a way it was all a test and they all FAILED to communicate properly apart from Dan, as Dan in this case is the man.

Good Job Dan, Mate you have, shown up 3 companies as well as the Australian Huawei Mobile Website Customer Service Enquiry response team with your communication skills.

Now I patiently await the phone to arrive from Dan and hope he keeps his end up, so I can leave him the best feedback he has gotten on eBay.

Some of you reading may say I could have found a different phone locally etc, that in itself is tricky when carriers here and shops do not like to sell dual sim phones due to bullying and regulations by the telco’s, and the market is low here so only certain phones are sold usually cheap low-end ones or mainstream brands like Samsung etc which as stated at the beginning are all Dual Standby, it’s not the phones fault at all this has happened to me, as the phone has all the features I want and more in a Dual Sim Dual Active package, it was the communication skills or lack of correspondence of the individual sellers and companies and trying to find one that could satisfy my purchase requirements and peace of mind that cause all this trouble.

Updates: Dan actually read all of this, this morning and agreed on the language barrier with sellers, though from 5 different people / companies including the official Australian mobile website, only one person came through on communication.

His location is because he is currently holidaying in Malaysia and set his profile as much, which is understandable. I know some are like that due to drop shipping from different warehouse.
The phone will be shipped today and can’t wait to receive it.

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