Weekly update

So its time for another weekly update.  Apologies for not doing an update about what I currently do instead of a life post, I decided to do that in this update at the end as I don’t have too much else to really talk about at this time.

So let’s get started.


First off some killer music is playing on Digitally Imported Vocal Chillout channel, that and there Vocal Trance channel always impresses me, I have been listening for 14 years as my main source of music and if I don’t listen to those channels I’m usually listening to the type of music they play.  If you have been following my blogs you will hopefully understand why I listen to these music styles from the type of sounds they are and how it impacts and affects my life listening to this type of music.

Basically the music is a pure emotional love type sound and has an aura about fantasy about it, this in turn touches who I am on the inside and on the outside with wanting to go out and live and be free with a good social life, as I would to have a fantasy life if I could and one of the things I constantly think about, being someone like Link from Ocarina of Time.


I was and am still planning to do a Question and Answer blog about myself, but I will only do it if I get enough questions for it, as I don’t just want to post a bunch of stuff about myself, which could be seen by some as trying to make myself look good to help me socially and avoiding posting anything controversial or might be looked at negatively about myself.

I really do want to a QnA which will allow others to know more about me and me to myself.  I don’t mind how deep or awkward the questions are if they are personal, sexual, or whatever, as long as the questions are reasonable and mature and not obviously stupid ones like, have I ever stuck stuff up my butt etc which would be obvious what the answers are, which are no I haven’t stuck anything up there before not even medical things, then all good and you can send the questions to me on Twitter / Skype / Google+ or email which most are listed to the right of this post.

Once I have enough questions I aim to answer 99.9% of them the 0.1% I don’t answer will obviously be the stupid questions or any I feel that cannot be publicly posted, which I will answer directly to those people, but overall I am really open and you will be surprised how open I am on things, even the very personal stuff if asked.


Armrest CoverSo purchases not much to report in this area, I got most of the items I was waiting for, though I did purchase armrest covers for my office chair end of last week that I’m waiting on, as playing X Rebirth with my X55 joystick my elbows were digging into my chair armrests, so I need some covers if I’m going to be playing more and more joystick games.

I did look and think about a hybrid android / touchscreen monitor by Viewsonic that I think could be cool so I can use it in Windows and when I play a game, switch it to android for email, walkthroughs, maps and other things but haven’t purchased it as of yet, it would be ideal if I could find something at the 17 inch range at 1080p resolution, but little exists in this category and the android version on that Viewsonic is pretty old at around 4.0.

Apart from that nothing else really in the purchase area to report apart from shopping next week which I plan to do for some shirts as I mainly have long sleeve ones after my big $300 clothing purchase a few month back, trunk style underwear which are very comfy over briefs I’m switching to using and new shaver blades as well as getting a haircut.


The tablet my dad got that I helped him out with arrived a few days ago, even though he has used Android in the past on the tablet he is replacing, he is a bit dumbfounded with changes and things that aren’t directly noticeable in front of him, so its my job to help him customise and get used to what he feels comfortable with.

He says he has time and that I can do this Sunday, which won’t take long at all to do.  For food I had always wanted to make the Bacon Explosion which I heard about many years ago but never got around to doing, well we plan to make and have it this Sunday.

Americans love to make heart attack material meals, as you can see if you watched the show by the Travel Channel called Man vs Food, I have always wanted to seek out not big, but instead unique delicious meals like on those shows, but we don’t get much of that here in Perth I don’t think.  If we did I would to take some people and shout everyone for a meal.


So how have I been, well my sleeping has been a lot recently and depression and anxiety is kicking in more and more as I mentioned would do, as my birthday and summer holidays are coming up, last night I was in bed for 12 hours slept about 11 of those and overall I have been feeling pretty down always wanting a big hug and cuddle here.

My allergies also has flared up with taking anti histamines every second night and using many tissues, I started a nasal spray again last night I found in my draw and hope that helps if it does I will see the doc to get more nasal sprays, as well as a back checkup I haven’t had in a while.

I also looked up when the next Neko Nation was and is December 13, I knew it was in December as I posted that in the last post and before that, that it would be my next actual social outing outside family and seems to be that way, its upsetting though that it’s another month away, I shouldn’t have to sit here for another month by myself, especially through my birthday without having local friends and people to do things with.  I have the flyer downloaded and will do a section it in a post more closer to the date about Neko Nation.  I’m wondering if I should buy those motorised cat ears for this one.

Also to note once a year in November I watch Dreamhack the worlds biggest lan party and digital festival, which a lan is where you take your computer and connect it with others to play games, game tournaments with some of the top teams and players in the world, share files and other things.  Dreamhack is in Sweden and has over Ten Thousand people attending with their computers to one convention center for 3 days, I would love to go but its in Sweden for one.  I’ll post more things about this later as some well known bands and acts are going to be there with proper bands and they have some big name DJ’s play during the night.

My dads birthday dinner isn’t much to talk about, I went round, showed him some music etc and we went shopping for tissues for me as I ran out and a few other things and then we went out together to a local Chinese Restaurant, had a meal all of us, no-one else really there that early then that was it I was taken back home.

I love my dishwasher being able to easily clean dishes etc, this means I can eat more varieties of food as I avoided things like deep-frying and using the grill my dad gave me due to them being harder to clean them, but with a dishwasher I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

As for Scott, he hasn’t said if anything else is going on so I hope nothing else has happened, also I hope he has taken my advice and is moving on with things to reflect, take some meditation time and be a better person.  Its going to be a long painful road to move on and be a better person, I know I am still currently going through it with how I am, everyone one of us in life are going down that road, it’s one of the reasons I started this blog, also why I want to do the support site to help others, which will help me progress and improve and to help others in turn helps me to move even more forward.


I was thinking and chatting to Scott on why my blogs are mainly about me, my emotions, things going on and not usually what I’m doing, eating and other things unless it’s in passing.  I guess it’s because where my heart and thoughts are as to me, people, social,things I’m doing, are more on my mind and important to me with sharing that with others, rather than something about details of what I’m doing like what food I’m eating tonight, or the finer details about Windows 10, or even the games I’m playing, which I’m not too good on telling a story with these.  But I will try to share some of this stuff more.


I did try to share my experience with X Rebirth in which I completed the campaign but mainly ended up just typing the story out, which would have been the same for Blue Dragon for where I’m up to, and I’m sure others tell the story far better and shorter in their own words than me, so I decided not to continue and is a reason I don’t usually go into typing about this stuff.

Basically I completed the campaign and onto freeplay now, I’m trying to decide what I want to do now after the story.  I’m leaning towards starting fresh in freeplay and building up as neutral player, to be a big empire and wipe out any natural enemy in the game than continuing on after the story ended.

As for Blue Dragon I haven’t switched my xBox on for a few weeks so it’s probably feeling a little lonely.

What else do I do, I haven’t really used Yosemite and only looked at Win 10 briefly in the last couple weeks, Win 10 isn’t my main OS I run as I run it in a VM for limited testing for now.

My Huawei Ascend P7 phone will be getting an update to the new Huawei interface in a couple of weeks, I can already install it, but I’m going to wait till its available in the phones updater app than installing it now.


So what does my day consist of, it starts anywhere between 12pm midday to 1-2pm when I get up and out of bed, I will go to the toilet then eat breakfast cereal, from there it’s usually bumming around doing nothing, washing clothes, using the dishwasher and taking a shower, which I do every second day unless I’m going out, but mainly sitting on the couch or at a pc doing pretty much nothing at all or chatting to Scott doing nothing else.

4-6/7pm I have been playing X Rebirth last few days and other times just looking up crap online.  Then it’s dinner and just sitting around till about 8pm or so then gaming till midnight or 1am which has been X Rebirth recently, when before that has been Blue Dragon or just doing nothing.

After 1am or so I’m usually lying in bed  just looking up things and checking things like ebay etc for a small while, then its trying to fall asleep making up my own dreams and stories.

This isn’t every day but most days, I watch F1 on the weekends and spend a full night of 5 hours straight or more every couple of weeks or so typing and editing these blog posts while I have music going after dinner.

Last night I did nothing from 8pm onwards as I was that tired I slept on the couch for an hour before just sitting on my bed till 12:30 doing nothing except just thinking, before going to sleep.


So I’ve come to the end of another blog.

If you want me to share something to blog about please mention or ask me and I’ll try to get it done.


So here are my picks of music some brilliant music this time and a long list as its very hard to pick the best songs I listen to making posts some nights as there all soo good.

This should be a good mix of stuff I like, there are a couple really standouts in here, try to pick which ones they are for me and for you 🙂

Gold Lounge – Promised Land
Reuben Halsey – The meaning of Life (Reubens Chilled Sunday mix)
Couter Point – Earth Tradition (Original Mix)
ATB feat. Kate Louise Smith – Moving Backwards
Chicane – Goldfish (Album Mix)
Luke PN – Be Free At Last (Original Mix)
Saint Of Sin – Song of Return
Capa – Water Desert (Original Mix)
Dj Boyko & Katy Queen – Out Of My Mind (Aleksey Beloozerov Chill Radio Mix)
Ciaran McAuley & Roly feat. Oonagh – Forgotten (Ambient Mix)
Signum Feat Antonia Lucas – Gonna Take Time (Original Mix)
Roger Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe – Island
Headstrong feat Shelley Harland – Helpless (Acoustic Strings Mix)
Lukas Termena – Broken Glass
Yiruma – River Flows In You (Vocal. Ruvin)


I leave you with a song that feels very fitting for a outtro as I come to the end of the post I’m listening as I type this ending myself.

Emilia de Poret – Weightless (Chillout Mix)

A very final few songs after the outro when the lights are being turned back on and you make your way out the building aka this site song.

Seagrave – Tick Tock (Original Mix)

Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash – Under The Gun (Original Mix)


So until next time, this is me Mark aka drguild signing out.

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