Weekly Update

I wanted to do an update earlier, but haven’t felt like it.

Firstly let me say in response to the last update on things I apologize If I upset anyone with my views, this is my own blog and thoughts on things.

If anyone at all feels different to what I posted or want to tell me anything, if I have upset you or otherwise you can do so at the top on the ‘Contact Me’ tab, only I will see the message you send, you can contact me anonymous there if you wish using the supplied details I have added to the page.

So anyway let’s get onto this update.


Scott asked me a few days ago to post about my health with sleeping and pain since I got the new pillows, I am glad to say I have slept fine apart from waking up to use the toilet a few times each night, no pain at all in my neck though my back has twitched a few times due to other things than sleeping.


I got my Pioneer amp and set it all up with making up extra speaker cables, and stuff and tried X-Rebirth and was loving the sound, but had to send it back as the front panel display went on it within an hour of use the rest of the unit was fine and very usable apart from the LCD display, I had to go down to my dads place to get a printout of the return stuff as my printer is clogged up with ink and needs a head cleaning, Pioneer received the unit back yesterday and will be sending or fixing the unit back sometime, so I should have a replacement in a week or two.  I do have photos but I’ll do a full review on the unit and post them up in a special post later.


Last week just after posting I went through a period of not sleeping much for a few days but I am back sleeping normally again so don’t know why that was, mby my mind was full of stuff I was buying etc.


switchI ordered a HP 24G V1410 24 Ports Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch on one of the nights I couldn’t sleep doing a lot of research at different switches and thoughts about my own needs before buying which arrived mid-week, cost me $150.  The switch has lifetime warranty on it if it ever has an issue.  The ports are really solid connections compared to my other switches I have.

Here it is currently setup, it’s not as populated as its going to be as once I get the Pioneer amp back and redo cabling I’ll be hooking about 11 devices into this switch and making up a few more network cables.

For those wondering the yellow is modem, red is this server, orange is this pc I’m typing the blog on, grey is all non pc devices like tv & game consoles, and green are computers.


Also during the week the Saitek X55 Rhino HOTAS joystick I ordered from PCCaseGear came in stock was shipped out which I was happy about as it was stated to be in stock in about a week from now, I should get monday and stay tuned, as ill be doing a full review of it when it gets here.


As well my Huawei Ascend P7 phone arrived and after some issues with firmware updates on getting 3g working its working great now and I’ll be doing a dedicated review on that also when I can bring myself to do it.

I run 2 sims in the phone and it appears my provider of the dedicated mobile broadband sim I may have some issues with as for some reason I’m unsure about, I emailed asking if I could get 4g enabled on the plan and they said they had canceled my account and the number has already been released even though I am sure I am within my limits with 31gb of data and don’t need to recharge until february and my broadband is still working, I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding or something on their end as the sim and plan is still working, I’ll keep you posted but will refrain for now from disclosing ongoing information.


But that’s not all things arrives and bought my dad found someone selling a reasonable second-handdishwasher dishwasher for me to get, it’s a Bosch SGS4332AU and in very good condition.

The unit was recalled and fixed by Bosch due to a potential issue with the main board getting too hot and the solder melting but this unit was a fixed unit when I got it.

4 days worth of dishes done in about 95 minutes which I’m very happy about.

You can see my server on top which is running this website and my washing machine I bought a few months back in the corner of the image.


As well as purchasing stuff I have been slowly cleaning up here for another round of inspections the front garden was finished yesterday or so which was great after a few days work, I have to clean the inside of the unit now which is taking its time due to not knowing what to chuck keep or put things, but it will get done.

I’ll take photos once its all done.


So far there has been $1600 in warranty claims for stuff I have bought and hope my new joystick coming etc doesn’t have issues with it and have to send that back, heres hoping nothing else breaks or has issues within a week under warranty for a while.


I did get into a minor disagreement with my dad on something when I was over there, as I found this game No Mans Sky, which looks like a brilliant space sim though I’m not sure how much out of exploring and dogfighting there is, I mentioned that games and potential products use Kickstarter to secure funding from the community instead of going through publishers and banks who usually want a say in how the product is built and want a return of x amount and it’s helping the future of products and stuff which wouldn’t have been done and realised otherwise.

My dad was very quick to say it is nothing but a scam so people can get your money and buy luxury boats and go on holidays and that anyone using kickstarter is just using it to milk the public of money, In which I do not believe this view and tried to explain that and hoped my dad would take what I was saying seriously, as I’m sure he knows that not everyone is out to screw the public over on everything and there are a lot of reasonable and mature people out there who want to do things for there and other enjoyments with developing products etc which is what kickstarter is all about.

Yes there have been a few potential scams on kickstarter ends most of those have been found out and cancelled, but just like everything you can’t just shut something down or 100% label something over a few minor incidents its like saying shut the internet down due to email spams and scams or same with phone lines because you get advertisers cold calling.

There have been some great products done on kickstarter from the community space telescope, the Pebble smartwatch which has sparked a revolution with companies like Samsung, Google and even Apple following suit as a result, if it wasn’t for kickstarter and the original smartwatch the Pebble, this wouldn’t have taken off as it has in the last 2-3 years.  But it doesn’t stop there another hot product thanks to kickstarter the Oculus Rift vr headset which has sparked a massive frenzy that Facebook has bought them out for a value of 2 billion dollars, even Google is getting in on it with a DIY kit called the Cardboard.

Also I can’t go without mentioning while not the most successful kickstarted game, a game which has become probably the most well-known of them all and since has become if not the biggest funded community games with a few million raised Star Citizen.

Even movies, game consoles, and various other things are funded through kickstarter that it is a new revolution going on and for someone to come out like my dad say it’s just a scam to the point he gets pretty angry at me and doesn’t even want to think of the possibilities is not good.

The day after he sent me a message saying how all my issues are caused by myself, in that I don’t listen, push things on people and generally am rude to others etc, only to then the next day to look online and find me a dishwasher that I could get as a kinda slight he wasn’t mad at me thing.

I always take the view of having an open mind to things, sure I know there are scams etc going on but overall I realise and give credit where its worth when projects like kickstarter take off and change the lives of millions, sure I may not like some stuff and I haven’t used kickstarter to back anything before but that doesn’t mean I should instantly be against it thinking its a scam and everyone is an idiot using it and the creators are only in it for money right.

I take it as a platform of the future where people ask the community directly with an idea pitch on what they want to develop and the community backs it or not and if a project fails then the market isn’t as interested as one would have hoped.


Theres been a few new rules come into effect here in Australia about posting opinions about companies and things etc that could land someone in jail for up to 10 years.

I will say straight out I’m not here to slander any company but to post my own experiences and dealings with companies as truthful as I can backing it up with quotes and evidence, any company or person is free to contact me if they feel I have posted in error and wish to discuss things which I will always have my arms open to do and encourage.

I will admit I am very truthful about things and the details of them, that companies may not want to have an incident that was their own fault or lack of judgement publicly disclosed to hurt them, as has happened in many instances when a company has done something unacceptable on customer relations and its ended up hurting them like an inconsiderate tweet for the world to see.  In this case the company can contact and work with me for a beneficial solution for both of us.


I wanted to mention about Scott, he has gotten his Zentai and shared some images etc online but in response has gotten some backlash from people on Facebook and elsewhere about his past attitudes and online manor with a few people who said some hurtful stuff how he went on a forum talked off topic and about his own life and issues and generally was a bit of a mess to the point that people don’t really want to associate with him and look at him as a kind of annoying social weirdo that can’t fit in.

I have spoken to scott about this and he understands this stuff on how it has hurt him in the past and as such finds it hard at times to not get wrapped up in himself around others and stuff.

I have gone through the exact same stuff in the past and am still going through it, I will say that most people reading this or in the world have had this same thing happen to them also at some time or another.

Sure we are allowed to talk about others being like this etc but to tell someone to go away and to get lost and they are some weirdo that is full of themselves etc is not on.  We need to respect that people and ourselves do get caught up in themselves occasionally and come talk to these people with open arms quietly and responsibly and ask them about it.

We also need to extend out our hands of friendship and work on their level help people to pull and lift themselves up to overcome and be better people to reach their own potential, goals etc.

If the person doesn’t want to change then you cannot force them but at the same time you must respect that is their decision and there’s nothing you can do.

Every single one of us has issues no matter who we are and no-one is better than someone else in regards of our emotions and who we are, we are all unique and special and all have a heart regardless.

I have been working with Scott since an incident involving a community a few months back to look inside himself more and find his inner core, the part of him that makes him instantly cry to things and gets overwhelmed , the part that means everything to him and consumes him like nothing else in the world as well to change his own attitudes and move forward to be a better person.

I was lucky I found mine which is vocal trance and similar, love, friendship etc but it differs for each person what their core thing is.  For Scott its going to be hard and will take him ages especially as the real worldly part of him is fighting it every minute as that part is our comfort area happy with being who we are and the routines we are in, to find ourselves we need to take that journey into the unknown with solitude and core reflection without distractions  from social media, game consoles, online stuff or other things going on in the world.

The story about going off into the desert and only coming back once you know the answer and have changed yourself is true, I’ve been there many times.

Back in 2009 after everything fell apart with an anime group 100+ people total I spent the nights at a park crying, doing self-reflection and generally letting myself be free by spreading my arms out and looking up at the sky like you may see in a movie, I let my mind just be as it was a lot of pain and hurt went through me but that helped to humble me, to make me see that you need to live life how you want to be treated yourself to let yourself be free as if life is a dream, a dream that touches yourself and your emotions and humbles you.

Overall I do wish the best for Scott, and all he can do is keep changing and humbling himself to become a better person and that is hard and he will need not to react back and go and meditate etc.

As for the others that said this stuff all I can say to them is give people a chance especially to change sure he may seem awkward and annoying to you but talk to the guy and help him to change and humble himself down, because some people might think you’re the annoying and rude one also at times and I’m sure every one of us has had that at some time.  We all can be obnoxious, annoying and rude but we all have our own lives and as mentioned in a previous post we all have friends and loved ones which makes us a good person to at least someone in this world.


I got a call I didn’t answer then message from that girl in the wheelchair the other night asking me to come round as her friend was there which I didn’t reply to.

I know I am hurting her in some way being like this but I need to look out for my own safety and well-being, also I don’t want involved due to things I mentioned last update.  So its hard.


Last few weeks I’ve been on the edge of cracking over my lack of social life even now I’m just holding on and stopping myself from fully letting rip which a few times I have nearly done and had a breakdown in the last week.  I need a life and to get it but its hard when most people don’t want anything to do with you unless it’s there anything or there is something with that person.


I haven’t done anymore on my site stuff I want to but dunno with the connector not as good as I had hoped and stuff.  I may start the site and add that part in later maybe but ill have to look into it some more.


So how I have come to another end of a post, from now on I’ll be leaving you guys with some songs that have been my kind of songs that I can feel power and emotion I have heard in or between the blog posts.

This blogs songs are:

Smooth Stab feat. Aelyn – These Words Between Us (Incognet Chill Out Version)

Roger Shah ft. Sian Kosheen – Shine (chillout mix)

Roger Shah ft. Sian Kosheen – In The Light (Album Club Mix)

Love Calls (Original Acoustic ‘Live’) – Headstrong feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw

Until next time this is me Mark, drguild signing out.

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