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I didn’t do a weekly update last week so close to the previous one, also I didn’t have anything to talk about, which I still don’t really apart from a couple of things.

So in the interest of sticking to a bi-weekly update schedule if I don’t do a weekly update here and to show you I’m still around and alive, here is a light wrap of the last couple of weeks.


Some of my WordPress things such as the core and some plugins got an update and I can see a few cool things like editor button panel on the text tab I think I didn’t notice before, which now conforms to bbcode or WordPress standards, with which is a very nice change for those used to posting on forums and using inline short code than the full on WYSIWYG page editor which is build it as an end-user sees it approach or editing the page all by hand on the text editor.

For posting these blogs I use a combination of the WYSIWYG editor and the text editing which shows the code.  Initially I will type the new blog post in WYSIWYG visual mode, then if I see errors or weird stuff I will edit the text and code, as its hard to make neat posts only in visual mode.  Things like a font style change or a div or paragraph tag or something could creep in and not be seen in visual mode.

Usually I do not like visual mode and prefer bbcode or similar as I am used to forums.  As well I do not like full on WYSIWYG editors which some of them are a bit overkill and clunky especially the ones that automatically write an html code output, ckeditor and others do this I believe, these can end up with most of the post content being html code and non uniform with font changes and other things everywhere without you even realising it and hence why I don’t like full code output mode either, as I don’t want to be writing webpage code for a blog post its a bit overkill.

I like the intermediate route of bbcode or similar, which lets you type up a post as visual with small and easy to understand code for font changes and url links and images etc.  Overall WordPress has done a very good job with their WYSIWYG editor and isn’t as over the top as other ones more designed to do html code etc and hence why I use it.


Last few weeks I haven’t heard from people at all, which I said was going to happen, I wonder if I already upset anyone which I try not to do, though I did get a message from someone yesterday I hadn’t heard from a while, but certain things about this person with lifestyle etc is why I kinda stopped knowing them.  I have made good on my bet with Scott from a couple of weeks ago with meeting people at Neko Nation, with paying for his Zentai which I have done.  I have occasionally spoken to my dad but not much.  I have also been feeling really low recently as a result of things being quiet etc and the weather being nice that I get depressed as I want to be out there socialising and having a good time with others, which leads me into the next paragraph.


I mentioned about my sleeping, well it hasn’t gotten much better, on Sunday I was lying in bed for 15 or so hours 11pm to 4pm, I slept about 12 or so of those, the rest I was browsing on my tablet etc, but was super tired which I had been most of that week, as I said last post I’m sure its depression as I was feeling very low and was about to start crying quite a few times around that time.  Currently a little more awake over the last few days, as I have been doing a little server and web stuff related to my support site plans to keep myself busy, more on that later.


New memory foam pillows.
New memory foam pillows.

I got my new memory foam pillows on Monday, They are a decent size and feel really nice, I haven’t used them yet as I said I was going to let them settle first but a squeeze they do feel really soft and cuddly.  I noticed they have a slight chemical smell, quite strong if you are right next to them which seems to be a common thing called off gassing, the smell does eventually go away, how long it takes is anyones guess but seems people say a couple of weeks or so.

How I will sleep on these pillows with this off gassing I have no idea, but I have slept a few times with odd smells etc near me so I hope I’ll be ok, if the smell is too strong, which it could worth my nose up to them, I’ll use my older pillows for a while longer. I will also change the covers before first use to my new protectors and a pillow case to help.


The last few weeks I have been suffering quite a bit of discomfort and minor pain from neck, shoulders, then to my back.  I mentioned I was getting this hence why I got the new pillows, but the discomfort has gotten worse to the point I’m taking painkillers occasionally for it just to be on the safe side.  As I type this I feel my back lightly pulling etc but it’s not much just feels like I bent over a bit much and stretched a muscle.


As for my sleeping overall A couple of times I woke up screaming out in the middle of the night due to bad dreams etc, the second time was this morning.  I was worried it was related to sleep paralysis, which I do suffer from where I get trapped in my sleep and can feel my real body and freak out. but nothing like that happened this time, so it was just bad dreams etc which I rarely get.  I have been taking painkillers and antihistamines etc before bed a bit more than usual due to things, so this could have upset my balance a little.


I haven’t played much Blue Dragon for a week or so due to being tired and doing stuff online or sitting staring at my pc screen.  I have gotten up to disc 2 in 35 hours so that makes it about a 105 hour game if all discs are the same length but we all should know disc 1 is the shortest on these types of games containing storyline and movies etc to set the pace.


As mentioned each blog so far, I’m thinking and planning creating a support site for people who are into Cosplay, Anime Gaming who have depression and stuff to give them love, help, hope and a reason to try to carry on and know they are not alone.

The last few days I’ve started really researching this in what software packages to run and the setup of it all, I have been using an intranet testing environment on this server, as I can lock sites down on here to internal only which is a great system to have both external like this and internal sites for my own purposes.

I’ll leave the info at that for now, as I will be doing a dedicated blog post on this with my goals, aim and everything in between etc and what I have achieved so far.  I am currently looking into what image to use for the blog post and stuff so it shouldn’t be too far away, I’m just waiting untill I have achieved enough to warrant a proper post.  The post will probably be broken up into multiple pages.


Well this seems to be about all I wanted to post and as per my usual end line, which did start very randomly to end the first or second post as I didn’t know what else or to type to end a post here.

Until next time, this is me drguild signing off.

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