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I haven’t had that much to talk about this week, as last update was Neko Nation which was a major post.

I know I said I was going to do an update either Wednesday or yesterday but didn’t end up writing one.

It’s a Saturday night and I’m home again by myself like usual, so here is a wrapup of my week.


After Neko Nation I just couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed each day and ended up a couple of days lying in bed for about twelve to fourteen hours, I’m sure its due to depression and anxiety as I have nothing to get up for each day, I don’t go out anywhere, and apart from Scott I don’t socialise or talk to anyone at all except my dad.

Also since the last update I have not heard anymore back from that girl on Skype, so I wonder if I said anything or looked a bit too awkward for her to know,  which unfortunately seems to happen with people.  I’m not the best socialiser with things and usually need the other person to help steer the conversation, as I either don’t know what to say, or I feel that what I’d like to know isn’t the best to ask or know at that time.  I will put it out there if I met someone like me that was shy and awkward, I would really try to get to know and be there as much as I can for them, more so than if they weren’t like that, as this is the type of person I am.

I did hear back from the guy mid-week and that he ended up going to Ambar for the rest of the night, we also chatted about going out and he said he wouldn’t take me out to some places he goes to as its usually house parties with a bunch of guys with attitudes sitting around doing stuff etc which I’m not into.  So I don’t know where this will go knowing him as mentioned we seem to be different in personalities, so im taking it as laid back as it comes without really trying.  I did get a message from him at 4am this morning, saying he was thinking about me.  Which seems a bit weird, as he seems to get a bit too friendly when drinking which I know a lot of people do.

So overall I am just going to continue on with my life as normal, not that anything happens or I chat and do anything with anyone anyway.


The seller of the Huawei P7 phone Dan, contacted me as they got my phone and forwarded it onto the manufacture and mentioned it was going to be a couple of weeks till they get it back to send back to me. So about a 3-4 weeks to wait from now, which I had anticipated.  They will also look at the latest rom to install before returning it back to me.

I got an email back from Huawei Australia after a month about my initial inquiries saying while I could buy the phone from someone online, but there is no Huawei facility in Australia equipped for service for this phone and as the warranty is regional based I would get no and they wouldn’t honer any warranty, in that case.  Which from my understanding from consumer law and instances in the past that’s lead to attention of warranty conditions in Australia, a company cannot unjustly refuse warranty on a product or restrict it based on certain conditions such as a worldly regional basis.


I got the temporary replacement AudioFly AF120 headphones with the T-shirt this week.  The audio quality isn’t as good as the AF140’s I bought and will get back eventually.  I did have the option of downgrading to the AF120’s if I found these sufficient with the difference being negotiated with a second pair of earphones or refund.  The T-shirt is white with their logo in the center, fits me well but I’ll keep that it to wear for home casual use.


I decided to get some new pillows as I have just bought new bed sheets as I have been needing pillows for ages, which I will receive later in the week, as I have recently as in the last couple weeks been waking up with some discomfort in my neck and back, as my spine has a minor curve in it you may have seen in my health post, I need to keep comfortable and manage things so I don’t get back pain and or full back lock-ups, which I have had occasionally.  So I chose to get some memory foam pillows in hopes this will ease the pressure and discomfort on my neck and back, as I sleep on my side which it says these pillow help with, I have no idea how these are going to be to sleep on, but I should be fine and get used to them fairly quickly.


Wednesday I thought I would check out Dommune again as I don’t have the mindset to watch it every single night as it’s on 4 nights a week from 7pm to midnight usually 1-2am as they are always going overtime, Dommune is an online only Japanese show streamed on YouTube and other streaming services, that is mainly focused on DJ’s both locally and internationally, as well as various sub non mainstream arts.

Wednesday they a Japanoise set and stuff on initially, which I personally don’t understand why people listen or get into that stuff with random sounds and distortion etc that doesn’t flow. But the main event was a set by the Japanese DJ’s Noel & Gallagher which played on turntables spinning actual vinyl instead of using the Pioneer CDJ’s, these guys had a 3 hour set from 9pm to midnight but ended up playing straight for 6 hours until 3am, the music was varied from a lot of mainstream songs from all over the music era, to be one continuous flowing set, the transitions were really basic initial starter DJ stuff, being 98% or so straight cross fades after a couple of minutes of each song with no inter song mixing and mashups, each DJ had their own deck to control and while one song was playing the other was cue’ing up the next song and enjoying the music. Noel seemed to be drinking most of the night and by the end, good times were had, as his set was a little off on transitions and he wrapped himself in the curtain behind him, you could see he was loving being there to DJ and the music they played.

Friday Dommune had their Project Fukushima Festival, which is run by the Japanese multi talented artist Otomo Yoshihide, this was a great night and the aim of the project is to try to give some ongoing care and support to help empower the people of Fukushima with their everyday lives, not to try to come in as a group to spark or do a major revival of the area.  It’s a bit hard to understand, but they know the dangers of the radiation etc and the ongoing struggles in the area, but want to care as humans for those that can’t leave due to whatever reason without really publicizing themselves and making their festival a big thing.

The night started of slow with a Japanese drum group then the orchestra / big band and afterwards with a girl singing, who went into the crowd to play besides the people there, with the performers dancing and getting the crowd to join in, from there, something magical happened the performers got the crowd more and more involved doing simple dances and actions along to songs first, to in the end every single person there were holding hands and dancing in unison and really getting into the moment, which was a very magical, special, extremely humble and touching thing to see.  It’s great to see stuff like that going on.


Through the week I didn’t turn my Xbox 360 on until today to play more Blue Dragon, as I was up to a missable challenge, which I have passed after trying a few times, which is a challenge you can’t go back to with an achievement, that if you don’t complete the challenge perfectly you don’t get the achievement on your gamer profile, I personally don’t really care about my gamer profile and the number of achievement points I have, as I don’t play multiplayer, I don’t subscribe to Xbox Gold, as I wouldn’t use that service, I also don’t have anyone on my contact list anyway.  In the end achievement points don’t count towards real life, what matters the most though is each and everyone’s happiness, their own social etc lives and meeting someone they love.  To me playing a game and experiencing the story is enough, as I would rather be socializing and out doing things living a life, this is why I don’t go to things like Neko Nation and spend all night only playing games, as I would rather focus on the night and those other people around me than to game.


My health is much better now bit not perfect, the cough is hardly there now, though I coughed a little last night and today, but for nearly all the time since I saw the doctor last I haven’t really coughed and thought I was going to make it until next appointment without really coughing again.


I had a skim through YouTube on boogie2988‘s channel out of interest during the last week, due to coming across something. You may know him from his character he plays known as Francis, who rages over things such as the disastrous SimCity 2013 launch as well as other things, This guy has been through a lot of stuff with dealing with weight loss and other issues, my heart went out to him watching some of these vids on how he is struggling with things and how some YouTuber’s give him crap about it.  He is trying his best and coming along way and I can’t stand people getting put down, bullied etc, but overall the community has been very supportive of him.

Likewise I’m sure you all have heard about Robin Williams passing away this week due to depression, as well as stuff that has gone on with his daughter Zelda, named after Princess Zelda from the great set of console and handheld games called ‘The Legend of Zelda’.  As a sufferer of severe depression and social anxiety myself, it has shocked and touched me reading about this, I may not have watched many of his movies or really followed him in the past, but is a very sad and tragic thing to occur, also for his daughter Zelda to be harassed on twitter to the point she has closed her account there, during one of the worst possible times of her life is NOT ON, some people really should be ashamed of themselves as what they think is a harmless joke is actually hurting people’s lives.  My thoughts go out to Zelda and hope she can move past some people’s conduct on twitter etc.

I have mentioned that I had been planning to set up a support site for people like this, with anxiety, depression etc that are into Cosplay, Anime, Games and other similar things to come together and seek help and help support others in similar situations, this is why my hosting exists and this site was an initial test of software, seeing how good wordpress was for the frontend, the support site is already parked with a placeholder, I don’t want to see and it pains me seeing people not being supported and cared about by others, I know Robin Williams was loved by many, while he was a famous person, many people like me and others aren’t as lucky to be known and supported by others, we don’t have that level of community spotlight where we could reach out to people or are well-known, to the point that a lot of people have committed suicide and no-one really has known about it, as someone who has had brushes with frustrations and minor thoughts of what if with suicide over the years, whether it was an option or not, I do not want to see others go through the same thing and want to help people wherever I can.  I have started to really look into setting up this site, but there are few site management things I need to initially work out with how it will all work together as it’s going to contain multiple and different areas.
It has also made me think, why is it that people always want to help and do something, after something has happened and not before, even if they know and are warned about something.  I know this personally asking for help with things, that you casually ask for help and people to take the load and they don’t care, but as soon as it gets too much and things have issues, you put your foot down or something bad happens, everyone suddenly jumps up wanting to help, not before going back to not caring after a while when things settle down again.  You hear about it in business I.T stuff when staff want more security, backups etc and management who make the decisions don’t seem to care, only until when there systems gets hacked or they loose 3 months worth of data, that the management are all over it in major crisis mode and asking why nothing was done already.


I have no idea when the next update will be it may not be this week but mid the week after depending on what happens.

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Until next time this is me signing off.

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