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Firstly hello to anyone coming in from my social media links which I hardly use but would like to use more, I linked this blog to my social media sites I use, so feel free to stay around pull up a chair or whatever you prefer and give comments and feedback as you wish.

The last week I have avoided posting updates due to ongoing and pending things with sellers in regards to purchases etc and outside that I had nothing to really post about, so this is just an update on what’s going on, unfortunately as some stuff is still going on and due to liability, I will only be touching on certain things at this time without fully going into details.

I did get my new Huawei Ascend P7 L00 phone and I absolutely love it, except it had an issue with the first and primary sim card slot making contact with the simcard and eventually that slot completely stopped reading simcards only days after getting the phone, so I had to send it back for warranty very soon after receiving it and as such haven’t been able to fully test it yet, with all its features.

I’ll be doing a full review and wrap-up on the phone once this is sorted out and explain exactly what happened and some of the frustrations I went through with simcards etc.

Dan is sorting me out on this and I thank him for agreeing to help and the patience involved, it’s also a little ironic how I made a big issue about getting warranty on the phone, only to end up having to use it as soon as I get the phone.

Just after I sent the phone back for warranty my older phone I was using didn’t like new smaller nano simcards, which are mostly the same chip without the excess plastic round them (not going into detail between 6 and 8 pin simcards as 6 pin is the normal standard for most telecommunication companies), so my phone decided to chuck a fit, by connecting and disconnecting to the phone network every couple of second as well other issues I’ll refrain from posting for the moment.

So I had a backup phone Sony Ericsson Z530i, which connected and seemed fine with the nano simcard but its an older flip phone with its own OS as its pre smartphone era.

As I wasn’t too comfortable using the Z530i as I’m now used to Android and how old the phone is and the UI isn’t as easy as android and USB cable for charging was a little dodgy, I needed to get a new phone for temporary use.


Huawei Y320 and Ericsson Z530i
Huawei Y320 and Sony Ericsson Z530i

So now I have a Huawei Y320 I was thinking the duel sim but instead due to misreading I got the single sim version.

I am glad to say this phone is working fine as intended but lacks some of the more advanced features of the Huawei P7 I bought and common features as that such as a front facingcamera and ambient light sensor as well as a notification led, all of these features I use all the time except the front camera, as I’m not much of a selfie or a photographable person, I’m usually behind the camera which I own a Canon 500D with extra gear flash, lenses etc for that stuff or I’m on the side way out of the frame.

This phone is only going to last me a couple of months so I’m not too worried and can make not having  the extra time-saving, helpful or comfort features like automatic screen brightness and having to switch on to see if I have any notifications, as long as I can receive any important calls and messages and listen to music etc when I’m out and about, also have my organiser/shopping list with me, I’m happy.

It does has its drawbacks to the Huawei P7, like screen isn’t as good when outdoors and not so important as well as a smaller resolution and internal space etc, I’m not sure what the call audio quality is like either.

I may do a full review on this phone but I’m not too sure though as it’s a pretty basic phone, I do want to do a full review of my main phone once it gets back from warranty however.


Teal Jersey Knit
Teal Jersey Knit

In the last month or so I’ve been looking and purchasing bed sheets as all my others ripped in the wash or on the bed leaving me with virtually no bed sheets, my first set was a white satin sheet set, they have a playboy logo on them but I didn’t buy them because of the company, I got them as they were cheap, these took me a couple of nights to get used to but feel quite nice to sleep on, the quality is basic so don’t expect super high quality.

Then I decided to get some other sheets but issues meant I got others first which were teal colored cotton jersey knit, which I’m sleeping on right now these sheets do feel pretty soft and nice to sleep on, which I don’t want to get out of bed each morning, the quality of the weave is a lower quality than expensive sheets and you can see through them when you look with a light behind them but overall there really comfy.

The sheets I had the issues were cotton polyester blend, the seller was out of stock of the green colour I wanted, which I only found out a week later when I contacted him and he offered me a choice of alternative color.  I was thinking of getting teal from him but wanted to make sure it wasn’t the exact shade I was getting as I saw online green and blue shades of teal.  I had asked for an image of them and if he could wait until the jersey knit sheets came before I made a decision, as I didn’t have any reference on those sheets as the seller didn’t show images of that particular color.

So when I got the teal jersey knit sheets I messaged the seller of the other sheets saying to send another color, as I didn’t want the same color of teal which had arrived, the sellers wife misread my message and I was sent teal sheets, which with communication since, I been offered a half return on the cost which seems reasonable to me.

Through the whole process and even leaving feedback, there is no need to get rude or angry and leave negative feedback, as everyone is a human with emotions just like you reading this and me, we are all consumers ourselves and sometimes also suppliers and makers of goods and services and we all have made mistakes and no-one is perfect, I’m sure whoever reading this has made many mistakes on various things before.

I came across some aqua colour microfiber sheets on eBay and decided to get them as I’m curious how they would be to sleep on and should get them on Monday.  I use microfiber all the time for cleaning devices with lcd screens etc as that’s recommended and doesn’t scratch, which tissues and standard cloth do have a high chance of scratching the screen, I do know the bed sheets will be a bit different from the cleaning cloths.


Search it?
There’s a small poo on the ground

I started playing Blue Dragon, a Japanese RPG game the other day and so far have managed to nearly fall asleep a few times playing it in the evening, not because the game is boring or anything, far from it, but for some reason I am getting very tired and sleeping 12 or so hours a day currently which I presume is my anxiety and depression over life.

Well the game is about a boy named Shu whose town has been terrorized over and over by some machine they call the land shark that’s controlled by a mad man called Nene and all I know is he likes to see people suffer, why I don’t know yet.

So Shu defeats the land shark with help from a couple of others in the games intro and meets Nene, just afterwards some voice out of nowhere tells them to eat these blue orb pill things they found (very typical) which they do and suddenly there shadows turn into blue dragons which help fight for them and allow them to use magic powers.

So I’m not much further into the game than that but the first creature you encounter apart from the initial land shark boss is called a poo snake that looks ironically like a snake in a body the shape of a poo (very and creative and humorous from the devs :/ ) well anyway these snakes and other creatures drop piles of poo occasionally when defeated which you can search for items.  I can’t make this stuff up if I tried, so here is a photo I took.


Over the last week I got some NFC tags but I have no idea what to do with them, NFC is a small memory circuit with some information on them you tap against a reader and can be used for various things, mainly banking uses NFC and transit cards, the device is similar as a smart card with a chip but works when in range of the device instead of having to physically connect with the device, NFC tags are versatile and can be programmed simply to only show text on the screen or launch applications, send SMS’s and change device settings with the right software installed.

But I just can’t think of a single reason to use my five tags I got as only my tablet has NFC on it.


Overall apart from these things not much going on I’m looking at getting my expensive earphones, AudioFly AF140, fixed as one of the metal ear wax guards on the left ear has come out, and since I bought a power-board with built-in USB sockets, I’m getting some issues with my Nexus 10 tablet bouncing around when I’m using it while charging, I’m looking into and just gotten a replacement board to test but I presume it’s the circuit design that’s the issue rather than faulty components.

As for my health not much has changed but the cough is down a little, just a touch which is nice, I see the doctor again Tuesday so hopefully I can get a bit closer to figuring this out.

For some reason my router likes to reset or screw up at 5am or so when I’m in bed.  So I’ll keep an eye on it and if I change, it’ll be to the Netgear Nighthawk as I want a Netgear 16 port switch soonish anyway for various devices here.


I had thought about putting more images into this post to explain everything but then the post would become image heavy.

If you think I should add more images in, to explain and show things please let me know in the comments below.

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