My current health

So todays post is about my current health, which hasn’t been too good recently and currently I’m in the middle of seeing doctors and figuring out what the cause is.

For years since I first noticed back in 2004 I have had major allergies to dust mites, pollens etc to the point I was taking unpaid leave when doing my Business 2 Traineeship with the West Australian Police Department, where I was working as a general public servant in the Headquarters and Vehicle Management Branch, Interview Video Processing etc.

In 2009 I started 3 years of desensitization injections once a month for allergies which has helped take away the major full on cold/flu symptoms with constant chain sneezing etc I was also getting and I am thankful for that, the allergy problem with the runny nose and occasional sneeze remains, which I do get through 4-5 boxes of 70 pack tissues a month as I can’t use normal tissues due to a sensitive nose, so I use Sorbent Aloe Vera which I have found really soft and very durable for my high air pressure nose blowing, which blows holes in normal tissues. ‘This would make a great advert/testimonial for Sorbent’

Well ever since September last year 2013 I have had a bad throat and coughing pretty much all the time, especially if I start bouncing around happy to something like ponponpon or start really crying, as if I am going to be sick at least once a day, some days it has been ok.  Recently as in the last fortnight or so its flared up to the point I was starting to break down and cry slightly due to how long its gone on and irritating and getting to me it was, as I’ve been coughing a lot and not being able to fully breath at times which has led to more coughing which has scared me a bit and bringing up clear mucus when I cough and also shaking over coughing, which is going on as I start to type this blog post.

So last week I saw the doctor about it and told him all this and got put straight onto antibiotics 3 pills a day, 1 pill of Solone 25MG tablet and 2 pills of Doxylin 100 which I have to take with food.   Both of these pills haven’t seemed to helped control my coughing and mucus bring up, they may be mildly alleviating something but hard to tell.

At the same time I was asked to have a chest x-ray and an asthma test.  I did the chest x-ray last week and here are the images of it.

My xray back view My xray side view

From what the doctor said there some inflammation of the lungs but not much and no infection or anything. I don’t know what inflammation looks like in these images but I can see some white  lines going round inside me.

Today I had an asthma test as well as finding out I’m now 63 kilograms which means I’ve reached my 60 goal I wanted to get to for years as 60-70 is my aim  as long as it’s not put on as a fat bulge, todays tests were mostly lung capacity and a ‘mouth on’ tutorial on inhalers as opposed to a ‘hands on’ tutorial and was constantly coughing and bringing up clear mucus all the time, but overall the lady doing the test said I’m not too bad with lung capacity etc, and has allergies and asthma herself she manages and suggested it was more sinus post nasal drip related than asthma.  This is where the discharge from your nose drips back down into the throat, don’t worry it’s mostly a normal thing you don’t even notice, unless your body refuses to deal with it normally, like mine is apparently.

So I saw the doctor after the nurse did the asthma tests and he prescribed an asthma inhaler Symbicort to take twice a day and just took my first dose quite a bit nervous and scared, as I have gagging issues especially the coughing nowadays and with having to put something near my mouth while I’m like this, having to control breathing while stuff goes in etc which I haven’t had before is a bit unsettling, but overall I got through the first dose, there’s about 2 months worth of use each bottle from my calculations and he prescribed 2 bottles.

In a couple of weeks I go back for a checkup to see how I’m going with the inhaler and if we need to look at testing other things.

Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this soon and enjoy a normal lifestyle as constantly I feel like my throat has a layer of stuff in it and the coughing is too much at times which is not nice  having it every moment I’m awake.

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